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Temazepam is a short-acting Benzodiazepine. It is normally prescribed to people who have difficulty sleeping, or occasionally to reduce anxiety.

Temazepam is produced as a gel-filled capsule, designed to be taken orally. A normal therapeutic dose of temazepam would be 10mg-30mg. If you have a normal dose of Temazepam you may feel less anxious and start to feel relaxed and sleepy. At higher doses the effects are similar to alcohol – you may feel less inhibited towards other people. Your behaviour may be exaggerated (people who are using Temazepam are often very talkative or over-excited, sometimes even hostile or aggressive) and judgement is impaired. You may have a false sense of confidence, or even believe you are invincible or invisible.

Physical Changes :

Temazepam is usually prescribed to help people sleep, and the main physical effects of the drug are as a muscle relaxant. The other effects described above are experienced if you take the drug and stay awake.

If you use Benzodiazepines regularly you can become dependant – withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, sleeplessness, panic attacks, loss of appetite, nausea, tremors and sometimes even hallucinations. These symptoms can persist for weeks after stopping use of the drug. Abrupt withdrawal from high doses can cause convulsions and fits, and should never be attempted without medical supervision.

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